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Call me sentimental but I remember when Batman dissolved into thin air before you turned round. I remember when Batman had the slickest martial arts moves bordering on urban ninjutsu. I remember batman using his grappler gun to reach gargoyles at the top of skyscrapers, resting still, the greatest detective, quietly watching over Gotham City. Skill foremost, Brawn, Technology and the internal struggle to understand good and evil.

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises, I find myself disillusioned with the direction the whole franchise headed  towards. He may still do all those things I mentioned but I don’t see enough of it done/told well. This Batman seems to be have lost all his youthful energy and ..ahem… nearing retirement.

It’s the way the story is being told from the directing to the acting (sorry Bale). More emphasis seems to be given to sweeping shots, breathtaking visuals, the many, many, many explosions, and not enough effort into delivering a convincing captivating story for the fans whose hearts are accustomed to the depth of darkness the true Knight embodies. In this latest trilogy, he seems to have been dragged out from the shadows, given an accordion and forced to perform.

Anyway, this article from FilmSchoolRejects  pretty much sums up how I feel. It focuses on the latest Dark Knight release but I feel this goes for the entire Dark Knight franchise aswell.